The Partnership for Employer-Sponsored Coverage

About P4ESC

The Partnership for Employer-Sponsored Coverage (P4ESC) is an advocacy alliance based in Washington, D.C., for employers of all sizes and the millions of hard working Americans and their families who rely on employer-sponsored coverage every day. Employer-sponsored coverage is the backbone of our nation’s health care system, insuring the lives of over 178 million Americans. P4ESC is working to ensure that employer-sponsored coverage is strengthened and remains a viable, affordable option for decades to come.

Promoting the value of employer-sponsored coverage

Employers of all sizes contribute vast resources to their employees and families through the employer-sponsored system. As the payer of coverage, employers have a vested interested in health care quality, value and system viability. Employers have been on the leading edge of health delivery innovation and modeling for decades. When considering legislative and regulatory policy development and implementation, federal lawmakers and regulators must understand and appreciate the societal and economic commitments employers make to our nation’s workforce through the employer-sponsored coverage system.

Role of the Partnership

  • P4ESC is the umbrella advocacy and policy development alliance in Washington, D.C. working on a broad range of health care and benefits issues for employers of all sizes – large, medium and small.
  • P4ESC brings together business-sector organizations and companies to collaborate on, and advocate for, health and benefits policies that impact the daily lives of employers and employees.
  • P4ESC builds upon the track record of results-driven advocacy efforts and operational-based policy development that saw, among others: the delayed implementation of the Affordable Care Act employer mandate and reporting; the codification of flexible operational policies in employer compliance rules; and the introduction of bipartisan legislation to reform the Internal Revenue Service employer reporting requirements.
  • P4ESC is committed to the development of, and advocacy for, health policy solutions in the employer-sponsored coverage system from the employer perspective and in alliance with plan and service providers.