Over 220 Businesses & Organizations Endorse IRS Reporting Reform Legislation

Pro-Consumer, Pro-Employer Bill Provides Clarity & Relief

WASHINGTON, DC (June 12, 2018): Today, a coalition of over 220 businesses and national, state, and local organizations issued a letter endorsing the Commonsense Reporting Act (S. 1908/H.R. 3919) to bring clarity to the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) tax credit eligibility and reporting process. The letter, spearheaded by the Partnership for Employer-Sponsored Coverage, exemplifies the nation-wide support for providing consumers with a safety-net and business with relief under the current ACA-Internal Revenue Service (IRS) system.
The bipartisan, bicameral Commonsense Reporting Act provides consumers with help during the annual health coverage open enrollment process, employers with relief from the burdensome reporting requirements, and Exchanges with an additional tool to verify tax credit and subsidy eligibility. The legislation is sponsored by Senators Mark Warner (D-VA) and Rob Portman (R-OH) and Representatives Diane Black (R-TN) and Mike Thompson (D-CA).
“The Commonsense Reporting Act provides a pathway whereby data currently reported to the IRS during year-end tax filing season is instead reported during exchange open enrollment season – helping consumers, employers and exchanges better navigate the ACA eligibility and reporting process. This is a technical tax-process change that is long overdue for consumers and employers alike,” said Christine Pollack, Executive Director of the Partnership for Employer-Sponsored Coverage.
The Partnership for Employer-Sponsored Coverage, which spearheaded the letter, is comprised of 14 leading national employment-based organizations and is committed to ensuring that that employer-sponsored coverage is strengthened and remains a viable, affordable option for millions of American workers and their families for decades to come.

Read the letter of endorsement for S. 1908 here.
Read the letter of endorsement for H.R. 3919 here
Retail Industry Leaders Association
“As it stands today, the reporting requirements for employers to verify ACA compliance are incredibly burdensome and unnecessarily complex. Retailers welcome bipartisan, commonsense changes to help streamline this process for both employers and their employees, and we thank Representatives Black and Thompson and Senators Portman and Warner for their leadership in addressing this issue,” said Jennifer Safavian, Executive Vice President, Retail Industry Leaders Association
National Retail Federation
“ACA reporting has been a nightmare from the start, but it has been a nightmare that many employers have spent countless millions to live and comply with. The beauty of the Commonsense Reporting Act is that it offers employers the choice to stick with their existing reporting compliance regime or switch to the simpler and more effective prospective system,”said Neil Trautwein, Vice President of Retail Policy for the National Retail Federation. 
Society for Human Resource Management
“According to SHRM’s recent health care survey, 62 percent of HR professionals said reporting requirements were their biggest ACA compliance challenge. The Commonsense Reporting Actwill provide much needed relief to employers and employees, alike by modernizing and simplifying the reporting requirements under current law,” said Chatrane Birbal, Director of Congressional Affairs for Health and Employee Benefits Policy, Society for Human Resource Management
National Restaurant Association
“As the nation’s second largest private sector employer, we commend the leadership of these members to address this issue. Burdensome, confusing reporting requirements are high hurdles for restaurant operators looking to grow their business and create jobs. Streamlining the reporting process and protecting our employees’ privacy is a top priority.”

International Franchise Association
“Lessening IRS paperwork and red tape is a common-sense way to lower costs on small businesses. IFA is glad to see bipartisan support for this pro-growth legislation,” said Matt Haller, Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs, International Franchise Association
National Association of Health Underwriters
“Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy. By streamlining burdensome reporting requirements, the Commonsense Reporting Act would save small businesses time and money. Lawmakers have the opportunity now to help small businesses and their workers by simplifying some of the reporting requirements for employers who offer health insurance,” said Janet Trautwein, CEO, National Association of Health Underwriters
HR Policy Association
“The Commonsense Reporting Act is a win-win for employees, employers and the government because it would strengthen privacy protections, reduce unnecessary reporting requirements, and improves the ability of ACA exchanges to make accurate and timely eligibility determinations,” said Mark Wilson, Vice President of Health & Employment Policy, HR Policy Association