P4ESC Statement for the Record: House Budget Single-Payer Hearing

The Partnership for Employer-Sponsored Coverage submitted a statement for the record during the House Budget Committee’s hearing on the establishment of a single-payer health system on May 22. An excerpt from the statement is below and the full statement can be read HERE.

Employer-sponsored coverage has been the backbone of our nation’s health system for nearly eight decades. Employers of all sizes contribute vast resources to employees and their families through the employer-sponsored system. Employers have a vested interest in health care quality, value, and system viability. Employers have been on the leading edge of health delivery innovation and modeling for decades.

As a coalition representing businesses of all sizes, the Partnership for Employer-Sponsored Coverage has the unique ability to provide operational input across the full spectrum of the employer system – from the smallest family-owned business to the largest corporation. Employers have a great stake in the development and implementation of health care policies. We stand ready to work with the 116th Congress in a bipartisan manner strengthen and preserve our nation’s private sector employment-based health system.